Mr Barbecue

“A good barbecue is hard to do!” explained Freddy to his two kids who listened mesmerized.  “First, is to start the charcoal. Then the grill is heated so it  can be easily cleaned.”  The kids, charmed by the master chef, listened attentively. “Then, gently place the pieces of meat and sausage on the grill.  Finally, and this is the most important, patiently wait for the exact moment when the meat is perfectly cooked, and then….there is nothing left to do, but to enjoy yourself!”

The cooking juices falling into the fire lets escape an irresistible smell of grilled meat.  The guests, drawn by this magnificent aroma, approach to watch the show.  From the murmurs of admiration coming from the audience, a voice arises and we hear “Bravo to the chef!”  A smile of satisfaction appears on Freddy’s face, who, shrugging his shoulders as to minimize the situation, says “I didn’t do much of anything…..really it’s nothing special!”

FO 85522 – 17 x 17 x 43 cm (LWH)