The Vehicles

  • The Rally

    The extremely winding dirt road was riddled with potholes and patched with loose gravel. Fully attuned with his champion role, the famous rally driver Juan Carlos Mothe was pressing his foot down on the accelerator. The speedometer was at full throttle and the needle of the rev-counter  way into the red zone.

  • The Sidecar Tour

    Pierre Henry had suggested Lily Rose take a ride in his sidecar across the vast prairies that stretch out to the east of the Rocky Mountains

  • The Big Boss Limousine

    A majestic limousine slowly advanced in the middle of the chaotic Wall Street traffic

  • Shelby Cobra 427 SC

    Raul Mayo has always been fascinated by cars. As a boy, he collected all the miniature cars he could find in toy stores or flea markets.

  • The Fireball

    The splendid fire red car, majestic, impeccable, always clean and brilliant, was there, making everyone envious.

  • The Buggy Buddies

    Even if it looked like rain, Bob wanted to play golf at all costs. It really wasn’t easy, but he managed to convince Steve, his best friend, to play a game…

  • My First Love

    When I saw its sensual curves, I immediately fell in love. The elegant air and incomparable way of moving….

  • The Business Trip

    Miss Belkys, tapped at her machine with one finger, not understanding anything about computers, speaking no foreign languages, and on top of that hating accounting and business meetings….

  • The Motorbike

    Abel Robino rode unperturbed on his magnificent motorcycle. He knew that women were crazy about him….

  • The Fabulous Fifties

    From the radio came a strange music. Frankie raised the volume until the whole car started to vibrate. Susan, at his side, started to move to the rhythm…

  • Just Married

    Stéphanie always took care of her stylish figure, but since she has been working as a waitress, she suffered horribly when succulent sandwiches, hamburgers, pizzas….

  • The Playboy

    Calolo Oviedo had always been a dandy. He adored the company of young women with long legs and voluptuous shapes….

  • The Bohemian

    Pascale and Dominique loaded the car with fruit, books, brushes, tubes of oil paint, canvases and an old easel. They went out without any specific direction….

  • Exciting Motor Ride

    When I meet the guys at the bar, they always tease me about my little beer belly…

  • The Champion

    The powerful motor of the Formula 1 roars like savage beast. In the second lap of the race he is already in the lead….

  • Tour of Duty

    Gustavo Lopez had just enlisted the army as a private. At five o’clock in the morning the piercing call of the bugle signaled to form ranks….

  • Shelby Cobra 427 S/C®

    It’s incredible the interest that I awake in women and it’s amazing the way that they are attracted to my admirable physique…