The Professionals Special Edition

  • The Big Boss

    Three years ago, when the famous Icelandic volcano erupted, the immense spread of land owned by Chief Executive Officer Richard John Goldsilver was covered by 30 cm of ashes which drove the man to the brink of bankruptcy.

  • The Surgeon

    He washed his hands and forearms several times with enzymatic cleaner under running water.

  • The Nurse

    Nurse Claudia please report to rooms 8 and 12” announced the loudspeaker of the central hospital

  • The Football/Soccer Player Special Edition

    When he was eight, everybody felt sorry for Rubén Ponce. His little legs were as skinny as two sticks, sprawling out when he ran.

  • Lady Dentist Special Edition

    “Doctor is this going to hurt much?” the terrorized patient asked Mariluz León, the dentist at the “Happy Teeth” clinic ….

  • Lady Lawyer Special Edition

    During her childhood, Vera Timmons witnessed numerous acts of delinquency. One day she saw her little neighbor, Peter ‘Freckles’….

  • Firefighter special edition

    Sergeant Germán Echeverría wasn’t afraid of fire. As a child, he loved to light his father’s cigarettes…

  • Special Edition Shopdisplay

  • The Computer Expert Special Edition

    “My brother said that I am too shy to ever have a girlfriend….But, because I am now an expert in computers…..

  • The Wine Taster Special Edition

    Louis-Philippe de Cabernet Sauvignon delicately placed the point of the corkscrew exactly at the center of the cork of the 1990 Bordeaux…..

  • Madam Doctor Special Edition

    At the hospital in Rosario, all the male staff suffered from stiff necks. The administration decided to look into the problem and discovered….

  • The Dentist Special Edition

    Paquita Gutiérrez was scared to death of dentists. For the last few days she has been tortured by a tooth. At first, she was hoping that it would simply go away…

  • The Businessman Special Edition

    Chris was a happy man, without the least doubt, a winner. “Fortune smiles at the courageous” he had the habit of saying….

  • The Doctor Special Edition

    Doctor José Batle was a recognized expert in his field. His diagnoses, always exact, saved the lives of hundreds of people and earned him the admiration of high society….

  • Fore! The Golfer Special Edition

    The hole was far away, Mauro Rugolin needed to hit hard, but with accuracy. He knew he could do it; several times….

  • The Lawyer Special Edition

    The defendant was accused of assault with a firearm and the robbery of…..

  • The Cook Special Edition

    “A Milanese Napolitaine, one, for table five!” yelled the waiter in the direction of the kitchen where the famous chef, Rodolfo Monti, was tasting his world famous recipe…