The Retired Items

  • The Camper

    Two knit stitches, two purl stitches… In a corner of the bedroom, grandmother was knitting a wool blanket while her daughter and son-in-law were arguing with her three grandkids.

  • The Ice Hockey Player

    My problem is the cold. In winter, as soon as I leave my house, I have stalactites at the end of my nose. My fingers hurt and my ears burn.

  • The Baker

    A pleasant smell of wood smoke floated in the air. The workers of the bakery were at full pace, before sunrise as usual.

  • The Skier

    The ski instructor had told me clearly “You should get off at the first stop on the ski lift”. Well, here I am, I didn’t listen and I find myself…

  • The Accountant

    The accountant, Angel Milicic, has a phobia about calculators and his boss insists that he use them at work…

  • The Supervisor

    A capable person, with strong character, expert in design technologies and in programs of computation….

  • ’65 Ford Mustang

    Thanks to his new classic Ford Mustang, Charly was sure that the beautiful Ellen would accept his invitation…

  • Ship Ahoy

    Bill was horribly bored at work. His only escape was reading novels about the sea and pirates….

  • The Teacher

    For the third time that day, the Principle of the “Sacred Heart” school went to make a little visit to the class of Miss Liliana Pérez, the most attractive teacher at the school…

  • The Garage

    There lingered in the garage of Roberto Antoniz a strong odor of gas and paint mixed with left-over fries, exhaust and cigarette smoke…

  • Café La Belle Epoque

    Almost as if time had stopped, the zinc counter, which had so many times witnessed good and bad times, had hardly changed. The odor of fresh coffee brought out the image of the unforgettable Nino…

  • Paris, Bois de Boulogne

    The warm afternoon was perfect for a little game of petanque. Marcel Dupont prepared with care a set of petanque balls; he spit shined them with a soft cloth to bring out their full luster…

  • New York, Central Park bench

    When he came walking towards me in that nonchalant way, I should have been more suspicious of that innocent look. Especially when he asked me if we need dice to play chess…

  • The Saxophone Player

    A thick cloud of smoke had invaded the night club. Scantily clad women showed-off their generous curves. On the tables, bottles of whisky and unknown drinks of questionable distillation…

  • Lady Golf

    What I have to do, imagined Nelli, is to move 60% of the weight of my body over my left foot…

  • Mr. Green Fingers

    Hover Madrid hated ants. He tracked them day and night. These insects were capable of devouring his garden, his precious garden…

  • The Nurse

    The patient in room seven was totally hysterical…

  • The Aviator

    At five years old, Ramon Siri knew he would be a pilot. At seven, he had already thrown himself from the rough three times with a large white sheet for a parachute…

  • The Runner

    Because of pride, Mauro Machado couldn’t tolerate his wife thinking that his washboard stomach of his youth was no longer the same. He decided that the best thing to do was to start running…

  • The Guitar Player

    My mother always told me “Franck, you are a musical disaster! I make a special effort to speak softly to my plants and you, every time you play the guitar…

  • The Bumper Car set

    “Easy does it… easy does it” (Yellow car): Yahooooo grandma, it’s fantastic!!!

  • Military Patrol

    Division General Ed needed to arrive at exactly 1700 hours to the Field Commander’s meeting which was to be at battalion camp 121, just 2 km from the 38th parallel…

  • The Dare Devils

    Lieutenant Philippe Ferney totaled more than 8,000 hours of aerial acrobatics and could perform 9 loopings in a row with his eyes closed…

  • Tuk Tuk

    « Papa, papa, today we’re going to the beach, ok? Yippee, we’re going to the beach…

  • Quad

    Sunday the sun rose under a clear sky, when the previous Saturday night had a downpour. Fabian watched the trees as they bent in the wind…

  • Police

    After having been a brilliant student at the PoliceAcademy, young police officer Richard Thompson was newly appointed…

  • The Family Outing

    It was the first time that Papa had managed to save enough money to take the entire family on vacation. We only had one suitcase, made of aluminum, very nice, even if it was too small…

  • Public Transport

    On the right of the road, the waves lapped softly at the coast line. It was 38ºC in the shade….

  • The Taxi

    On a very hot day, Miss Marta Gaitan Barberio and her friend Mercedes Arana Calderon decided, after a long trip by train, to go home by cab….

  • The Gangsters

    The limo was cruising slowly. Danny Digrazia, seated next to the chauffeur, carried in his hands a violin case with his precious “instrument.”….

  • The Farmer’s Pick-up

    Every weekend, after having loaded their truck with chickens, watermelons, pumpkins and vegetables, Don Juan and Maria Manero went to the village market to sell the products of their garden….

  • The Blue Hurricane

    Ever since his childhood, no one had believed in him. Everybody in his hometown laughed at his barely intelligent looks…

  • The Convertible

    The immense fortune which the Argentinean millionaire Marcelo Castaño amassed from the sale of toothpicks has allowed him to buy six villas….

  • Sidecar

    Sergeant Daniel Pettit had never been in the sidecar of a motorbike. That day, all the other vehicles had been destroyed by enemy artillery fire….

  • Rapido

    With the airplane he invented the Frenchman Alain Weber will try to cross the EnglishCanal….

  • The Computer Expert

    « My brother said that I am too shy to ever have a girlfriend….But, because I am now an expert in computers, I have more than 8000 virtual friends…..

  • The Hairdresser

    At the “Crazy Hair” beauty salon, it’s the newest trends and fashionable concepts that prevail. The head stylist, Rossano Alessandro, created a fortifying hair treatment….

  • The Putter

    “A little tap, nothing but one more stroke and I win the game” thought Peter taking his position about 70 cm from the hole. A shudder of emotion ran through his body…

  • The Veterinarian

    “No, no and no!” screamed Doctor Edgardo Cigno in the direction of his assistant, at the clinic “The Happy Pet”. “I already told you no!….

  • The Master Chef

    When he was young, Juan Teruggi loved to help his grandmother, especially when she baked cakes, in licking the batter covered spoon….

  • Mr Barbecue

    “A good barbecue is hard to do!” explained Freddy to his two kids who listened mesmerized. “First, is to start the charcoal. Then the grill is heated so it can be easily cleaned.” …..

  • The Pharmacist

    Luis hated prescriptions. Trying to decipher the incomprehensible writing of doctors drove him crazy….

  • The Football Player

    ‘Bowleggs’ Alfredo Pozzi, was an ace, a master at dribbling the ball. During the Richieri school matches no one could stop him. We all envied him….

  • The Fisherman

    The coolness of the shade beneath the willow was an invitation to relax. It was nap time. The scent of lavender and wild flower permeated the air….

  • The Fire Fighter

    Sergeant Germán Echeverría wasn’t afraid of fire. As a child, he loved to light his father’s cigarettes…

  • The Ambulance

    The deafening sound of a siren hammered the ear drums of the people in the street.

    An ambulance crossed town at high speed…..

  • The Tennis Player Special Edition

    The cup, of which he dreamed holding in his hand for so many times, became a reality….

  • The Clay Court

    Doctor Jorge Perochena never liked playing tennis. To him it was a boring game which only consisted in hitting a little yellow ball…

  • The Tennis Player

    The cup, of which he dreamed holding in his hand for so many times, became a reality. Neither the sprain in his shoulder blade…

  • The Waiter

    When we went to dinner at “La Truffe d’Argent”, a famous five-star restaurant, we sat at a table next to the magnificent….

  • The Fire Engine

    A deafening siren howled in the crowded streets of RosarioCity. The fire truck, moving at high speed, left passer-bys perplexed…

  • The Duchess

    The majestic Rolls Royce glided without making a sound along the roads of the town of Mar del Plata. Daisy, the little Pekinese of Lady Marta Spelanzon….

  • The Gentleman

    School wasn’t a real passion for the little Richard. The only thing that he really wanted was to drive one day a beautiful automobile….

  • The Adventure

    Miss Lidia García had spent a large part of her life working in a sad office at the municipal building of her home town….

  • The Charmers

    After having won the lottery, Charlie and Pete insisted that they be addressed as Charles Edward and Pierre Henri. The first thing they did was…

  • The Dream

    The magnificent convertible was a pure wonder. With its curved lines, its majestic allure and extraordinary power, it couldn’t pass un-noticed…

  • Highway Patrol

    An informer had warned police that a large quantity of drugs were going to be delivered near the beltway across the street from the motel “Las Brujas”…..

  • Little Jewel

    As a salesman, Dante was an ace. He could sell refrigerators to Eskimos and shampoo to a bald person….

  • Speedy

    It was as if the motorcycle was going to fall apart any minute. The deafening noise of the 1300 cc motor and the way it vibrated was proof of …..

  • My New Fiancée

    Marcelo Castaño, the millionaire, owned numerous collectors cars, but the one that he preferred the most was his ’52 cream colored convertible….

  • The Big Move

    Jean Marc has a lot of experience that is experience in moving. It was the 18th time he had moved..

  • The Next Hole

    It was a beautiful Sunday in spring. That day Dick and his buddy Harry promised to play without their usual squabbling…