The Pharmacist

Luis hated prescriptions. Trying to decipher the incomprehensible writing of doctors drove him crazy.

Two pills …, no two bottles per day…., no, no two… What the devil is written on this lousy prescription!   All right, let’s calm down, breathe deeply like the yoga teacher said, close your eyes, remember your studies of pictograms and Mayan hieroglyphics and absolutely keep from getting too excited.

There, I think it is written tricnine, no, en xyline… Where did this brute learn to write?  Half a tea spoon of Mnncbli…, no Mencbli…What a dumb idea I had to become a pharmacist!  Nothing I can do, I’ll just give him cough syrup, two boxes of aspirin, that never hurts anyone and I’ll get rid of the problem.” – Next please.

FO 85521 – 17 x 17 x 42 cm (LWH)