The Duchess

The majestic Rolls Royce glided without making a sound along the roads of the town of Mar del Plata.  Daisy, the little Pekinese of Lady Marta Spelanzon, Duchesse de Plataci, dozed on the back seat at the side of her mistress.

“Perkins”, said Lady Marta to her chauffer, “Please drive slower, you are going to mess up the hair of my little Daisy.”

Perkins, raised an eyebrow, glanced in his rear view mirror, raised his foot a little off the accelerator and asked, “Does this speed suit Madame?”

The Duchesse, without saying a word, caressed Daisy’s diamond collar, lifted her head and drew a long smoke on her cigarette holder.  The tip of the cigarette turned an incandescent red.  Lady Marta, couldn’t hide a small smile of satisfaction, and a gentle spiral of smoke enveloped her capeline hat.

FO 85053 – 39 x 14 x 13 cm (LWH)