The Veterinarian

“No, no and no!” screamed Doctor Edgardo Cigno in the direction of his assistant, at the clinic “The Happy Pet”. “I already told you no!….I only treat real animals, tell this kid to take his teddy bear to the toy store and…”  when suddenly the door opens and a little girl appears, crying, in her hand a stuffed bear with some stitching missing around the stomach.  She tenderly looked at the doctor and said “pwease dotor, can you save ‘im?”

The doctor raised his eyes to the sky, sighed, took the bear and while patting its head said “I see it is a case of extreme emergency, let’s see what we can do.” He took a little needle and surgical thread and delicately sewed not only the stomach  but the feet, ear and tail.

It took him a half hour and the patient came out good as new. “Good,  job well-done” said the vet returning the teddy bear to the little girl. “Dotor, –said the child- now can you can help Paquita?” and putting her hand in her pocket, she pulled out a completely flattened slug.

FO 85525 – 17 x 17 x 41 cm (LWH)