The Adventure

Miss Lidia García had spent a large part of her life working in a sad office at the municipal building of her home town.  One day, she decided that the moment had come to search for adventure, to launch herself in something that would allow her to escape from her bland and monotonous life.

After having visited the travel agent “Wild Planet” and totally excited after hearing the ideas they lavished on her, she started out for the Amazon jungle in the company of the famous explorer and adventurer, named quite appropriately, “Jack the dangerous”.

Thanks to this fantastic trip, she learned to light a fire with two sticks of wood, observed wild animals from only a few feet away, cross streams filled with piranhas, and ride aboard a 4-wheel drive along super dangerous cliff edges. Among other surprises, she was attacked by an orangutan and stung by an incalculable number of unknown insects. After returning from such an adventure, her office seemed the most beautiful of paradises.

FO 85052 – 75% limited edition – 50 x 26 x 26 cm (LWH)