The Fire Engine

A deafening siren howled in the crowded streets of RosarioCity. The fire truck, moving at high speed, left passer-by’s perplexed. Everyone watched the enormous mass with surprise as it managed to zig-zag through the ocean of cars.  Ten minutes of high speed driving sufficed the brave firemen to arrive just in time to prevent, Mimi, the cat of the ravishing blonde Maria Alicia Vicari, from falling out of the tree where it was taking her siesta in the sun. Our heroes battled for 45 minutes, but after numerous scratches and bites, they managed to bring down the intractable animal.

With applause from the neighbors, they returned the feline to her mistress who by mistake let the cat escape. The charming kitty, with a superb leap, managed to climb even higher.  Fortunately, the ladder was still in place.

FO 85039 – 100% limited edition – 75 x 35 x 39 cm (LWH)

FO 85040 – 38 x 17 x 19 cm (LWH)