Sunday the sun rose under a clear sky, when the previous Saturday night had a downpour.  Fabian watched the trees as they bent in the wind.  The woods were full of puddles; the roads were flooded, filled with rocks and fallen branches.  A thick, wet coat of mud covered the landscape.  The path which led to the mountain had become a real quagmire with a soup of rocks and marsh.

A total nightmare, but in reality a great day for a little ride on the quad.  Fabian started the engine and listened to the delicious purring.  He gave a few pumps of the accelerator; the engine roared and two long flames leaped from the tail pipes….he felt invincible.  At the end of the day, after four hours of adventure, he went home happy.  Covered with mud from head to toe, he looked like chocolate cake.

He proudly went into the house and walked across the living room carpet.  His wife turned to welcome him home, but upon seeing him, was overcome by an attack of muscle spasms and tremors and fell flat on the floor.

FO 85060 – 19 x 16  x 18 cm (LWH)