The Blue Hurricane

Ever since his childhood, no one had believed in him.   Everybody in his hometown laughed at his barely intelligent looks.  He was the target of all kinds of bullying.  The only thing he liked was to run through the streets like an idiot, leaving clouds of dust behind him.

With his hands he made motions of driving a car, and noises escaped from his mouth, and thousands of drops of saliva, as he imitated a running car engine.  Nobody knew how, but at the age of twenty-five he managed to win the Indy 500.  Today, there’s not a single person who laughs at the great Lionel Benjamin. Moreover, people admire his audacious and unbridled style.

Among the champion’s fans it has become fashionable to imitate his obsession with imitating the rumbling of an engine and the mud splashes on the windscreen.

FO 85001