Café La Belle Epoque

Almost as if time had stopped, the zinc counter, which had so many times witnessed good and bad times, had hardly changed. The odor of fresh coffee brought out the image of the unforgettable Nino, a waiter who was so understanding and who generously filled our glasses and always gave us credit when we were in need.

How could we forget the long talks among friends around a drink or the day where “Big Nose” went on his memorable bender and we had to carry him all the way to his place.

And how could we forget the time where “Li’l Cassis” having had one too many, wanted to recite a poem, climbed up on a chair, and couldn’t but babble a few jumbled noises before falling in a heap on the table, knocking over bottles, glasses, cups and everything that was in his way.

Ah, “La Belle Époque!”  Magnificent morsels of life, always engraved in my memory

FO 85700 – 60 x 10 x 45 cm (LWH)