Public Transport

On the right of the road, the waves lapped softly at the coast line. It was 38ºC in the shade. With a tremendous effort, the old bus tried to climb the hill.

–          Move to the back, there’s plenty of room! Cried the furious driver.

–          Don’t push! Yelled a man dripping with sweat

–          The door, please, the door! Said a little old lady trying to make her way through the passengers.

–          My boy, you’re smashing my boy! Screamed a frenzied mother.

The air inside the bus was unbearable.

–          Driver, faster, we’re dying of heat in here! Roared a young man in a hurry to get off.

–          Move back, please, move back, there’s room in the back! Repeated the driver gritting his teeth with the veins in his neck beginning to bulge and his eyeballs ready to burst.

In the back, a woman, her hair a mess, was desperately hunting for a lost shoe.

On the right, the waves, again and forever, were lapping softly at the coast line.

FO 85046