The Aviator

At five years old, Ramon Siri knew he would be a pilot.  At seven, he had already thrown himself from the rough three times with a large white sheet for a parachute.  At ten, he tried flying the planes built by his grandfather, before he had been committed to an asylum.  At sixteen years old, Ramon knew by heart the names and call numbers of all the WWII airplanes.

At thirty, he finally obtained his pilots license…after having bought it on the black market, because after ten years of failed attempts, he was refused entry at flying club exams. Up until now, the highest altitude he has ever attained in flight was the planes at the amusement park.  His favorite is the biplane with the yellow propeller, even if the red is not too bad either.

FO 85509 –  17 x 17 x 43 cm (LWH)