The Clay Court

Doctor Jorge Perochena never liked playing tennis. To him it was a boring game which only consisted in hitting a little yellow ball.

But the day he learned that the vivacious Adriana Harari loved the sport, he enrolled right away in an intensive course at the Roland Club Tennis, bought himself a top of the line racket, smart looking shorts, a Crocodile shirt and tennis shoes with air cushioned heels.  A week later, he invited her to play a friendly match.

Jorge lost the match in two sets, 6-0/6-0, but did manage to hit the ball three times keeping it in the court once.  All that was unimportant to him because on that day he obtained his goal: cruise on his scooter with the superb Adriana on the back, her arms tightly wrapped around him.

FO 85047 – 18 x 9 x 16 cm (LWH)