The Hairdresser

At the “Crazy Hair” beauty salon, it’s the newest trends and fashionable concepts that prevail.  The head stylist, Rossano Alessandro, created a fortifying hair treatment from Red Sea algae mixed with beaver urine, purple garlic from China, caviar from the Caspian and camembert from Normandy.

His clients who love being at the edge of fashion were ready to do anything for a chance to have his capillary fortifying treatment. The experience is amazing. They stay for hours chatting while the magnificent balm takes effect.

The perfume they inhale recalls the pomp of the court of Versailles and the noble scents that gave that place its rank and distinction.

However, it is a little difficult to keep the flies away.

FO 85527 – 17 x 16 x 44 cm (LWH)