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The artist Guillermo Forchino (1952) lives in Paris with his wife and two sons.

Forchino started experimenting with various materials in 1980 at the  Facultad de Bellas Artes of Rosario, Argentina, to find the right form for his three-dimensional works of art. He continued his studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris and mastered the art of restoration. He learned to work with old fashioned materials such as wax, resin, natural glues and traditional compounds and restoration techniques.

Back in Rosario, using the techniques he learned at the Sorbonne, he began to make figurative sculptures out of rolled-up pieces of cloth and using delicately coloured paper maché for the visible body parts. In the late 1980’s Forchino began using polyresin for his ‘comic’ sculptures.

The mix of Forchino’s great sense of humour with a strong satirical touch, resulted in The Comic Art of Forchino.  A series of ironical and unusual scenes, such as: overloaded old cars ready for holiday departure, airplanes, motorbikes, military dictators in mobile bathtubs, a variety of bizarre characters and his series of ironic two-dimensional tableaux depicting the modern world in all its absurdity.